Do Things That Do Not Scale (Infographic)

Do Things That Do Not Scale (Infographic)

Do Things That Do Not Scale

Inspired by Paul Graham‘s essay.

In his essay Paul Graham discusses how you need to think in startups—literally. And why you have to do things that do not scale.

Recruit Users Manually

Nurture Startups. They are Fragile

Delight Your Customers

Give Insanely Great Experiences

Focus on a Narrow Market

Do things yourself

Become your own consultant

Keep it simple

Avoid big launches

Successful Startups Do Things That Do Not Scale
The Star Wars Startup Guide: May The Force Of The Team Be With You. (infographic)

The Star Wars Startup Guide: May The Force Of The Team Be With You. (infographic)

I know you’re wondering “What can I learn in the Star Wars Startup Guide?”

Well, while the epic movie isn’t about startups, there are several epic heroes you can learn a lot from.

More specifically, the heroes you need to join your team.

No, you are not assembling an intergalactic team to man a spaceship etc.. However, you ultimately will assemble a team to help you take your startup to the next level—even if it is only freelancers to help you with some tasks.

But, how do you identify and select the right people—both, freelancers and employees— for the right job? (selecting the wrong people can cost you a whole lot mere than you can imagine.)

Yes, you can hire me to develop a very specific job description for each job, conduct the interview, and even administer the Myers- Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) to each prospective applicants. Or, you can learn how to identify and hire “Top Talent” to awaken the Force within and conquer the Dark Side— inside and outside your new organization.

What Hero are you?

You as the founder/CEO needs to have a vision, courage, creativity…

You also need to develop great relationships with your team…through listening and maintaining trust…

In essence, you are the Luke Skywalker of your team.

Read on and discover the traits of Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca…

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Star Wars for Startups: A Guide to Building Your Team - Brought to you by

Star Wars Startup Guide Summary

If you enjoyed this Star Wars Startup Guide as much as I did when I came across it, why not share it with friends, family and even your associates.

Also, if you want to discover your unique personality traits—your strength and weaknesses, schedule a 15-minute exploratory session about how taking the MBTI® can help you in your business.

Lastly, I would love to find out what you are struggling with the most. Leave me a comment, and I see how I can help.

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