EntrepreneurU Small Biz Training

EntrepreneurU small biz training courses are designed with the future entrepreneur, new entrepreneur, solopreneur, mompreneur, vetpreneur, and small business owner in mind.

Free Introductory Course

EntrepreneurU Small Biz Training LInkedIn Basics

New to LinkedIn or confused about the new interface? Use this tutorial as a quick overview on the LinkedIn interface. It will help you quickly and easily locate the features and tools that are most important to you.

EntrepreneurU Online Mastery

Note: The Online Mastery Program is free and open to members of the Online Mastery Ninjas Mastermind Group.

The Story Behind Online Mastery Ninja

Online Mastery Ninja is the accumulation of courses I personally took to accommodate and meet my own needs.

First, there was the need to rebuilt my coaching and consulting business that had gone wayside due to my health challenges.

Second, there was the need to shift from working offline to working online. I had to shift gears not only to work smarter, but also to work from anywhere as long as I had internet access.

Third, the realization that the traditional way of marketing just no longer worked.

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