Love Facebook Groups, but hate searching for what you’re looking for?

Or even worse, you have a group that can’t be found?

Well, if you’re like me, you get frustrated when you can’t find what you’re looking for and abandon the search—even if it is a component of a paid membership program.

For example, I belong to a few private and closed groups, but unless I receive a link in an email that takes me directly to the group, it takes to much time to search for the groups amidst the numerous groups. Needless to say, if it takes to long to search for the group chances are I won’t particiapte in the group as much as I would like to do.

And, if it is you’re own group,…that’s another story.

You want people to have access to your group without all the fuzz and frustration.

Finally!!! Facebook Groups  Linked To Facebook Pages

If you manage Facebook groups, you can do so now!

In July 2017, Facebook introduced several new features, including the Group tab on your Pages.

How cool is that???


Facebook Groups on Facebook Page

How to Link Facebook Groups to Facebook Pages Step by Step

Step 1: From your Facebook page click Settings (see arrow on upper right side corner of page).

Facebook Groups the Facebook Home Page
Step 2: In the Settings window left-side column locate and click on Edit Page (3rd cell down from the top)
Step 2: Facebook Groups on Facebook Page

The Edit Page window will open in the right-side column of the page.

Step 3a: One way to access the group tab is by checking if the tab is a default tab of the page template you chose during ppage set-up. To do so, switch the button on the right to ‘on’. If it is part of your page template, skip 3b and go to step 4.

Facebook Groups Tab

Step 3b: If the ‘group’ tab isn’t part of your page template, you can add a group through the “Add a Group” tab. The tab is located under the list of your current page tabs.

Facebook Group Tab2

Step 4: To add the Facebook Groups tab to your page click the “Add Tab” button to the right of Groups in the list.

Facebook Group on Available Tabs

Step 5: Check if the group tab is included in your tab list. To move the tab, place your cursor over the tab, right-click (pressing the right-hand button on mouse) and hold while moving group tab up or down. 

Facebook Group Tab Added to Tabs List

Step 6: Next, click on Settings to the left of Groups.  A drop-down window will open. Keep the settings next to “Show Groups tab” on ‘ON’. You can also copy the URL to share the link with people directly. Click Save.

Facebook Groups TAB Settings

Step 6a: A drop-down window will open. Keep the settings next to “Show Groups tab” on ‘ON’. You can also copy the URL to share the link with people directly. Click Save.

Step 7: Click on Page in to left-hand corner of the Main Menu bar to return to your Facebook page.

Insert Image Step 8a: Locate the Group tab under your Home tab in the left-side column of the page.

Step 8b: Click on the Group tab. A new window will open giving you the option to Create Group or Link Your Group. 

Facebook Groups Create or Link

Step 9: If you want to create a new group follow the steps below. When you’re done click Create.

Facebook Groups CREATE New Group


Step 10: If you want to link an existing group to your page, click Link Your Group. Facebook will display a list of your groups. Click the Link button next to the group you want to link to the page.

Congratulations! You just created or linked your group to your Facebook page.




Facebook Groups Added Feature


Facebook Groups Post As Feature
Facebook Groups Posting Example