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How Are We Different?

Our approach is a very focused approach. We teach and support organizations in becoming more efficient and effective through ‘changing and shifting’ the organizations vibrations, in real time, starting with an inverse pyramid supported by Four Pillars, Hence, the Four Pillars Approach of Alignment for Success. All starts with you—the executive.  From there we work our way down to the team and ultimately throughout the organization. While we continue to draw from traditional organizational training and development strategies, including cognitive and systems theory, we also integrate new approaches and techniques to achieve the desired outcomes. One of the unique approaches we incorporate are the Peter Hess Sound Methods that are used widely in Germany, and more and more in other parts of the world,  within the coaching, counseling, education and training space.


Through the Four Pillars Approach of Organizational Alignment for Success, employees will learn to:

  • Engage in creative and intuitive thinking which prevents repeating useless patterns and groupthink,
  • Reframe the situations – the process of aligning their thoughts, beliefs, and emotions – in the direction of the organization’s intention,
  • Identify and talk about patterns, instead of isolated events, when planning and problem solving,
  • See themselves as an important part of the organizational system, instead of engaging “that’s just the system thinking,”
  • Focus on the processes between the parts of the organization, instead of only the parts themselves.

This, in turn, leads among other things to:

  • Increased performance – at the individual, team, and organizational level,
  • Increased employee retention and satisfaction,
  • Improved harmonious work environment,
  • Improved customer service, and
  • Higher profits


Training programs can be tailored to meet your unique organization needs.

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As your business grows.

Performance evaluation, professional development planning and professional program development.

Assessments and personal, team and organizational development workshops (based on the MBTI etc. ),

Succession planning for small to medium sized business entities.

OD and Leadership Development Consulting

As executive and/or business owner, you are aware, today’s organizations are dealing with many challenges and changes. Thus, the members of any organization—large, medium, and small—are facing many uncertainties that lead to anxiety, stress, limited thinking patterns, and restricted problem solving and planning. When this happens, in the short term, productive is jeopardized; in the long term, when left unattended, the constant strain on our bodily system can lead to life-long health issues.

Unfortunately, traditional OD paradigms provide few avenues to tackle these problems and organizations often are limited in the kind of on-going support they can offer to address these issues. Concurrently, too many organizations only employ traditional classroom training/ conventional OD techniques to address their anxieties, uncertainties, and restricted performance.

In contrast, research indicates that adults change and learn in a very organic manner via ongoing actions, reflection, and feedback. In light of this void, Margit Willems, and her associates—all experienced academicians and successful consultants, have come together to provide you with a fresh approach to coaching, consulting, and training.


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