Women Behind Successful Men

7 Tips From Women Behind Successful Men.

Growing up in a family business, I learned early in life what was expected of the wife of a successful businessman. Since, I have had many opportunities to reconfirm the value of my early lessons, both in my professional as well as my personal life. I could site many instances where a client or friend talked about the difficulties they were having in their marriage, but the incident that gave me the inspiration to write this article is much, much closer to home. It was during a visit back home when I was asked by someone close to me to “please talk to her about what I expect of her, or the relationship is over,” and, “it takes more than beautiful hair and a nice figure. It takes a certain set of attributes as well.

While many internet sites and polls claim that the set of attributes men are looking for in women has changed since the late 1980s is simply not true, or only half of the truth is published. If anything, today, men want the total package─ranging from being attractive, educated, and worldly, to being a supportive spouse.

Attribute Of Women Behind Successful Men

So what are the attributes successful men really want in women they intend to marry?

Let’s find out!

7 Tips From Women Behind Successful Men

She boosts your self-confidence.

Successful men want women who praise what they do. A great woman can stroke their ego so they have the confidence to succeed in whatever men envision to attain.

Most people assume that confidence is constant. This is simply not true. Men are no different than women when it comes to needing a boost to keep their momentum going.

Tip: How did you feel the last time someone gave you a compliment? Good, better…etc. The same applies to successful men. While they are used to succeeding, they are not immune to the ups and downs of a hectic day.

She feeds your ambition, drive and vision.

Many women behind successful men will tell you that they are attracted to men who are ambitious, driven and dedicated to getting ahead in their career. Unfortunately, this mix can be likened to a double-edged sword. One the one hand, ambition can consume us to the point we forget about the things that are important in life. This can lead to hasty decisions. On the other hand, loss of ambition can become troubling over time, especially as we get older. A wife who shares his vision and acts as a sounding board is in a unique position to keep his vision alive and help refine the focus and drive.

She allows you to take risks.

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” ~ Robert F. Kennedy

Taking risks is a common trait among successful people. An intelligent spouse knows this. Hence, she will do her best to build your confidence, provide you with a stable personal life and encourage your vision that will allow you to take the risk necessary to reach your professional goals in life.

Further, a spouse who cares deeply about you will support you every step along the way. There are many stories about wives who supported their husband to achieve great things in life. An epic story is the one of Napoleon and Josephine. While known as one of the greatest military minds in history, Napoleon gave Josephine credit for fueling his confidence during his campaign in Italy in 1796–97. Another man who gives credit to his wife is one of today’s most highly public speakers. His wife supported him every step of the way, even so it meant going deeply into debt without any guarantee about a possible outcome.

In short, a great wife will let you reach for the stars, but is there to catch you if you fall.

Tip: if you are risk adverse, explore where this feeling comes from.

She offers you firm support.

We all know how good it feels to talk to someone about the things that trouble us. All it often takes is to find someone who really listens to what we have to say. An intelligent wife knows this and is there to listen to you, providing you have the willingness to accept her influence, thus helping you to address the issues. She acts as a sounding board when you need to verbalize thoughts and ideas, offers emotional support during difficult times and motivates you when the going gets tough. And, as long as which makes you feel better about yourself.

Tip: The next time you have a conversation with your spouse pay attention to the dynamics of the conversation. Who does most of the talking? More importantly, “are you willing to accept her influence?”

She gives your life perspective.

A loving wife helps you to gain a different perspective on what is important in life. Many men have become successful before they married, but a study conducted at Washington University in St. Louis, suggests “that people with ambitious career goals may be better served to seek supportive partners with highly conscientious personalities.” A perfect example is Bill and Melinda Gates. While Bill Gates had become the richest man in the world before marrying Melinda, it wasn’t until after their marriage the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was created.

While this article is about attributes of women of successful men, how ambition affects us, both men and women, is very similar. Ambitious individuals can literally work themselves to death and, thereby, miss out on what is truly important in life. On my blog, Four Pillars of Health, I go into details about why work-life balance is important for all of us.  Lifestyle changes, including work-life-balance, become even more important as we advance in years.

She carries the household.

Throughout history, women were the keepers of fire, hearth and home, while men were the providers of economic means and soldiers of war. In the 20th century, things started to change for women.  As men were sent to war, women were forced to take up leadership roles and work outside the home, in addition to running a home and raising children. Over the decades, many things have changed, but one remains the same: successful men want women who, for the most part, carry the household.  This doesn’t mean for the woman to stay at home. It does mean for her to make a house a home—adding that special touch, and holding down the fort while he attends to business affairs. A supportive husband recognizes and values the contribution she makes to ensure everything is running smooth.

She is strong and independent

She does not live life through you but with you. A successful man understands that a women who is co-depend on him will weigh him down over time.  Women of successful men often have an income of their own.  This not only takes the pressure of things, like risky investments to get ahead but also makes her less dependent on you. It is really all about the balance of autonomy.  When the mix is right, life with a strong and independent, yet loving, nurturing and the supportive spouse has its own rewards for both partners.

A word of caution! If you are looking for a trophy wife understand this, “a women is not a trophy, or arm candy, for achieving financial success or professional goals.”[1] .


If you are a successful man, what are you looking for in a woman?

And, to all the women behind successful men, what attributes resonate the most with you

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[1] :http://www.askmen.com/money/successful_100/147b_success.html

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