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The concept of “Mastermind Groups” was popularized by the Napoleon Hill, the autor of the timeless classic Think and Grow Rich (1937), Read More



Some groups make it mandatory for new members to have read “Think and Grow Rich,” I do not—it helps. You can watch a Youtube video instead.

Contact Us

If you have questions about how a Mastermind group can benefit you, or want to find out how to become a member, feel free to contact us.

Becoming A Master Mind

You can’t bribe, buy, or gift yourself into our groups. The only way to get accepted is through a formal application process.

Local MM Groups

Local MM Groups

If you want that in-person connection, and live in one of the cities where we offer Mastermind groups, participation in a local group is the way to go.

Dallas Mastermind

Rare Recordings

YouTube not your cup of tea? Here you can find a selection of rare recording for your enjoyment. Download one or all for your commute.

Dallas Mastermind

Virtual MM Groups

No matter where you live, online Mastermind groups make it possible for you to be part of an exclusive group. Everything is the same, but how we meet.

Dallas Mastermind


Want some motivational reading that will move you closer to your goal? Visit the bookshelf for a selection of the all-time classics.

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