The Hero’s Journey

Mastermind Group

for all the hero’s in us

A Hero’s Journey Mastermind group? You’re kidding! Right.

No, I’m not kidding.

You may have come across articles and posts that stress the importance of story telling to promote your business, products and/or  services. Good examples are the weight loss and anti-aging industries. They have this right and suck you in with a story…I’m disgusted and this is why I want you to know about…Poor Jane (no offense if your name is Jane) she had…after using our product.this is what it did for Jane.

And you read or hear not only about Jane, but also that they, the seller of the product/service, are on a mission to help people like Jane.

And you wonder…

  1. Why do I need a story?
  2. How can joining this group help me as an entrepreneur or small business owner?
  3. What will I learn that helps me with my business and/or venture?

The Hero’s Journey Mastermind Group Overview

A few answers to your questions are:

  1. Find out why you want to be an entrepreneur or small business owner. Read my article the Top 12 Mistakesgoing into business for the wrong reason is the number one managerial major cause of why businesses fail.
  2. Discover your strengths to build on and your weaknesses (your shadow) that may hinder you.
  3. Dig into your past and discover and explore your authentic self, the internal resources you already possess, and much more.

Things To Know

The next Hero’s Journey mastermind group starts September 2017.

Who is this mastermind group for?

This group is for…

  • Professionals who are thinking about going solo
  • Individuals who are in the pre-startup phase who want to get a head start on their story
  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners who are in the startup phase and want to find their “Why.”
  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners who need to tweak their value proposition through self-exploration and discovery
  • Any one who is brave enough to embark a journey of deep self-discovery—to explore their why, how, what, where and when.

Application are available by request only.

Space is limited to 10 persons.

Interview process starts in July, 2017.

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Last update: June 3, 2017