LinkedIn Basics:

Navigating The New LinkedIn Interface

New to LinkedIn or confused about the new LinkedIn user interface? Our mini LinkedIn Basics course will help you navigate the new LinkedIn interface.


The New LinkedIn Header

Whether your new to LinkedIn or a vetran user, but can’t find things due to the new user interface, use this PDF as a quick overview and reference guide on the LinkedIn “Header” interface. It will help you quickly and easily locate the features and tools that are of most value to you.

No signup required!!!


LinkedIn Basics Webinar Series

Need more help?

Sign up for our free webinar series, where I go over

  • How to set up your profile
  • The types of LinkedIn connections
  • LinkedIn Invitations and connection requests
  • Your LinkedIn Inbox
  • When it pays to upgrade from LinkedIn Basic to Premium

To ensure you get the most out of the training, you will also get an ebook, with screen shots, so you can revisit what I’ll cover at a later time.





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