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Before You Start A Business

Small Business 101


Small Business Resources Before You Start A Business

Going Solo

Do you have what it takes to become an entrepreneur?


…your market. Who are your customers, competitors and…

Ask Yourself

The 5 Ws: Who, What, Where, When and Why Questions.

Collect Data

…and statistics on your competitors, industry and target customer groups.

Next Up

Build the foundation of your business through actionable steps.


What type of business will you open? Online, home-based, etc.

Your Health Is Your Wealth

Small Business Coach v.301


Health & Lifestyle Related Small Business Resources


Are you up to the significant lifestyle changes that must occur to realize your dream—without affecting your sanity, health and well-being?.


Don’t forget about the impact relationships have on you and your venture. Do they support you? Or, do they hinder you?


You have the passion, but it only takes you so far. The trick is to stay motivated. But How? Steve Jobs’s quote says it best,”Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.


Your Business Is Up And Running

Small Business Resources For The New And Advances Small Biz Owner

Indispensible Business Resource Guides

  • The Online Small Business Resource List & Links guide. Starting a new business is exciting.  To help you off to a good start, we have compiled an essential resource list that will help you with your initial market research and beyond—to grow your business.

Essential Time-saving Templates and Tools

Want to save time, money and frustration? Stop re-inventing the wheel when you can adapt, copy, or use them “as is.” Access our collection of resource guides and templates.

eBooks, Courses, Webinars, And More

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…Marketing. What is Inbound Marketing? How is it different from Outbound Marketing? Read More


…Marketing. While not sexy, it is vital to grow your business. But, in needs to be done right. Read More.

Social Media

…and Social Media Marketing. Remember when things were simple? You created a profile…

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