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Online Platform

For most small business owners and entrepreneurs, building an online presence starts with a website.
Domain Name Registration

Web Hosting
WordPress Theme

Divi by Elegant Themes (Affiliate)

Divi is the latest and most flexible theme from Elegant Themes and is available as part of the the Elegant Themes collection of 87 themes.  When you purchase Divi you get access to all the other themes, plus cool plugins. The theme has attracted a lot of attention since its release and was recently (2016) voted as the best multi-purpose theme.

So what makes Divi stand out from the rest? And, why I chose Divi.

  • The Divi Builder: The theme offers an easy drop and drag page builder. The page builder is the reason I switched back to Elegant themes. It allows me to create a page and change the layout without losing the information.
  • The new Visual Page Builder: The visual builder, released in October 2016, is just awesome. It is an incredibly intuitive front end editor that allows you to create a page in real time. Instead of creating a page through the WordPress dashboard exiting the page builder to view your creation, the visual builder allows you to design, customize, edit and organize a page visually right in front of you.
  • Divi’s Responsive Design: A responsive web site is no longer something that is nice to have, it has become one of the most important features in web design. With more and more people viewing sites on mobile and tablets it is important your content looks great on any device. This feature alone can affect your bottom line— viewers leave for more user friendly sites.
  • Divi Layouts: The theme comes with 20+ layout templates. This allows you to jump-start your project. The templates are also a great help for do-it-yourself entrepreneurs and small business owners.  Plus, additional layouts are often shared by the Divi community. How cool is that.
  • Divi Support: Elegant Themes offers great support through a) chat b) email and c) documentation. You can also receive support through the Divi Facebook group, a community of Divi users ranging from beginners to developers to the folks at Elegant Themes.. I highly recommend that you start either with chat or the Facebook group when you need help.


Content Creation




Lead Generation

Webinar Hosting Services (Affiliate)


Automated Webinar Replay