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Margit Willems Small Business Coaching

Margit Willems Small Business Coaching

A new era of entrepreneur-ship is here.


Reason one

Revival of the entrepreneurial spirit. Shifting from a “work Job,” a.k.a. trading time for money, mentality to a meaningful and satisfying business venture.


Reason two

Change in legislation. On May 16, 2016, Title III of the JOBS Act, otherwise known as Regulation Crowdfunding went into effect. Now entrepreneurs can raise money by selling pieces of their companies to anyone with the cash and the interest.


Reason three

Boomers become Zoomers & No-cost Failures. Boomers are struggling with retirement (it’s not about the money; it’s about remaing intellectually and economically engaged. That’s me!).  Plus, fifty percent of Gen-Zers expect to start their own business due to no-cost failure.

Margit Willems Small Business Coaching

Life-Work Balance or Work-Life Balance?


Camp one

Entrepreneurs who see work-life balance as a hindrance to their careers. They believe to rise to the top you have to work longer and harder…or they plateau. This is also called an addiction.


Camp two

Entrepreneurs who understand that “your body is your wealth,”and take work-life balance serious. They understand the threats —burnout,  permanent damage to their body, and loss of their most important relationship(s)—and take a pro-active stand.  Some had to learn the lesson the hard way, including me. Hence, I am going one step further and flip work-life balance to life-work balance.

Margit Willems Small Business Coaching



Feature one

Grow Your Seed Vision Into Reality.


Feature two

Acquire the knowledge and skills you need to run a small to medium enterprise—without the overwhelm. And there are many.


Feature two

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Margit Willems Small Business Coaching

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